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Wooden Pallet Repair

CengarWooden Pallet Repair

PL905 Handheld Saw

Technical Specification

Air Consumption 4.0 Cfm (0.116 m3/min)
Weight 2.4 Kgs
Strokes Per Minute 2000
Vibration Level Trigger: 1.9m/s 2
Front 1.1m/s 2

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Ideal for Repairing Pallets

A low vibration, fast cutting saw. Ideal for pallet repairers.

PL905 – with outside rear trigger
PL905FT – with inside front trigger

Supplied in a carry case complete with sample blades and a 250ml bottle of oil.

Use freehand with our MC Red Blades – 220mm long 18 or 24 tpi.

Download the Brochure (PDF)

ATEX Approved CE EX II 2G T5, ideal for applications requiring pneumatic power for safety.

PS2 Pallet Spreader

Our pallet spreader helps make pallet repairs easier.

The Pallet Spreader pushes the boards apart to expose the nails for cutting.

Eliminates the presence of wood dust.

Use with any kind of reciprocating saw

Cengar Pallet Blades For Electric Saws

We have three types of high quality blades for use with electric saws.

ME225-   225mm in 10-10tpi

ME200-   200mm  8-12 tpi

ME200-   200mm with a reverse tip 8-12 tpi