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Protect our Environment. Buy Professional Quality Saws which can be easily repaired instead of low quality throw away ones. It also makes good economic sense.

Welcome to Cengar, supplying professional air saws to industries worldwide for over 70 years.

About Cengar

The company was formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK in 1945 to manufacture air tools for use by the Motor Trade and Aircraft Industry. In 1954 the company…

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Distributor Network

Cengar products are available locally in many countries throughout the World.  To find your nearest distributor or become one please read more.

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Our Products

All Cengar Saws are ideal for demanding environments and are Atex approved.
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PL905 & PL905FT

A versatile saw for Metal Pipe, Sections, Bolts, Pallet Repair and GRP.


Ideal for cutting a wide range of materials including hard steels like stainless.

CL50 & CL75

For demanding metal cutting.


For repair and cutting glass fibre reinforced plastic, light gauge metal and fibreboard.


For cutting steel sections, oil, petrochemical and pipe fabrication industries.


Designed specifically for use in Coal Mining.

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